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Two fics for the community. [Sep. 21st, 2007|11:26 pm]
Title: Blackened Dove
Prompt: #1 A Bloody Knife
Characters: Stanley Coleman and Alessa Gillespie (claim)
Rating: PG-13 for some violence and mention of suicide.
Summary: The second part of "Dead Moon Rising". Alessa reveals her purpose for Stanley.
Word Count: 673

Blue eyes slowly opened and looked around the room. A cloud of confusion quickly set in.

What am I doing here?

And, then she remembered, and that cloud dissipated just as quickly as it had formed. Alessa turned to her left gazing down at her new tool. She watched as Stanley slept peacefully. She let out a sigh. She wanted to let Stan continue to sleep, but she had to get him to do something. With a quick lean over his frame she gave him a light slap on the face. When this failed to wake him up, she slapped him harder. This did the trick, and Stan’s eyes shot open, and he started whining and trying to protect his body. Alessa could have sworn that she heard him crying about some man named Leonard, but she didn’t pay it any heed.

“Stanley.” Alessa whispered.

Stan just continued to whimper, and cry.

“Stanley! It’s just me!” Alessa said a bit more forcefully.

This snapped Stan out of his daze. He stared at Alessa, smiled, and wiped his eyes. “Oh, hey! Did you have a nice nap?”

Alessa smiled, and nodded her head. She saw Stan’s smile becoming even larger. She wanted him to continue smiling like that, but she needed him to do something. She leaned over the bed, reaching to the floor. She had a hunch that Stan might just be staring at her behind. She let out a smile and continued to reach for the object. Finally her hands grasped the handle of a sharp blade. Pushing herself up she repositioned herself onto the bed, and shifted closer to Stanley.

Stan’s eyes grew wide when he saw the blade in Alessa’s hand. “Hey, umm, what exactly are you doing with that knife?”

Alessa looked at the knife, and then looked at him. “Kill me.” She said bluntly.

Stan was taken aback by this. “But, but we’re together now, and, and you just sort of appeared to me!”

Alessa nodded, and replied, “Yes, I know I’m asking you to do something horrible, but all my life Stan all I’ve wanted is to die. Unfortunately death has always escaped my hands, but perhaps if you kill me I’ll finally see the void.”

Stan just looked at her in shock. Finally he got the courage to whisper, “Are you serious my Goddess?”

Alessa nodded her head. She idly played with the knife, only to have it grabbed out of her hand by Stanley. Before she noticed, he plunged the knife into her heart. A loud choking scream came out from Alessa’s mouth. In all honesty the sound she made didn’t sound human at all. Grimacing in pain, she pulled out the knife slowly all while grimacing and grunting in pain. When she finally got the knife out of her body, she handed it back to Stanley.

Stan took the knife and just stared at all the blood on it. He looked up, and his eyes went wide with astonishment. The wound that he had given Alessa was healing on it’s own, but Alessa obviously was in pain.

“I forgot to tell you, but in order to kill me you have to wait till tomorrow, when my future self visits this hospital.” Alessa whispered.

“Your future self? I don’t understand.” Stan said confused.

“Don’t doubt me, all right? Tomorrow a girl named Heather will arrive at this hospital. I want you to kill her.”

“But, what if she doesn’t want that?” Stan asked the confusion in his voice evident.

Alessa smiled, and said, “Trust me, she wants this.”

“Umm, alright.” Stan looked up, but Alessa was gone. Sighing to himself he clutched the blade in his hand, and examined it. The blood was still on the knife. He started to wonder if the woman he saw was merely a demon taking on the appearance of Alessa. With a final look over the knife he decided to go back to sleep, placing the knife underneath his pillow.


Title: When All is Said and Done
Prompt: #2 - Trapped
Characters: Cheryl Mason, Harry Mason, and Alessa Gillespie (claim)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Cheryl goes to Silent Hill.
Word Count: 496

“Daddy, take me to Silent Hill.” She tells him. He asks why, she gives a simple answer. “I want to go there, daddy.”

Really she is thinking. Every night for this month my chest and tummy hurt. It’s as if there is somebody in pain, and for some reason my heart aches.

And off to Silent Hill her father takes her, and Cheryl can’t wait to get there. Her daddy mentions an amusement park they’ll visit and oh how much fun it will be. She is very happy and very excited, and when she settles down in the front seat of the car, and she falls asleep, her dreams are of happy things. Happy things that any child would desire in their young and carefree lives. When the dream is over, Cheryl opens her eyes. Her smile greets her father, she’s as happy as can be.

We must realize that happy dreams are fickle things and rarely do they come true. Out in the open a young woman crosses in front of the jeep. Though her daddy tries to swerve to avoid the woman, Cheryl realizes in her heart. This lady is me!

Dreams are fickle things and rarely do they come true. For too often we must set aside our dreams to fulfill anothers’. For Cheryl there will be no amusement park. She won’t get to ride the rides with her father, or eat all the cotton candy she can without getting sick. There will be no carousel ride for her, and she won’t have the joy of being exhausted from all the excitement. Instead she must fulfill her new dream. A dream where there is nothing and she becomes no more. A dream in which she ends her life. What had daddy called it once? Suicide?

Cheryl doesn’t want this. She doesn’t want to be this woman, and she doesn’t want to die. She just wants to be with her daddy and go on all the rides, and wonders why she’s being punished for no reason at all. Had she been a bad girl? The Sunday school teacher had said that bad children would be punished. Was she being punished?

She begs to be let go, to let her see her daddy, but suddenly her thoughts are not entirely her own. Even though she wants to be a child and go to that haunted mansion, she also wants to kill herself. Even though she wants to be with her daddy she wants to be alone. While she really wants to live and be carefree she also wants to die. So many conflicting motions for the young girl, and when little girls are frustrated they scream and cry until their mommy or their daddy hugs them and makes the bad things go away. Will Daddy be able to save Cheryl? What if he can’t? The thought scares’ Cheryl, and she continues to cry and scream.

As usual any and all comments are welcome. Thankyou! :)

[User Picture]From: rosehiptea
2007-09-22 01:20 pm (UTC)
That's a really sad fic about Cheryl. I often wonder how and why she ended up asking to go to Silent Hill. (I mean, we know overall why, but what exactly happened?) I liked the part about the amusement park.
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From: the_disillusion
2007-09-22 05:56 pm (UTC)
In the Play Novel Harry mentions that he's been to Silent Hill before on vacation when he was younger. I wonder if he talked about this place to Cheryl, and maybe showed her some of photos. I think that Cheryl asked to go to Silent Hill because she was curious, and wanted to go to a place that made her dad happy as a younger person.

Thankyou for the comment by the way.
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