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Welcome to 30screams, a fanfiction writing community that prompts members to claim a character or pairing then write thirty fanfics using thirty different themes. To start, join the community then visit the Claiming post in the journal and comment to let me know which character or pairing you claim. Then you're free to start writing!

The focus of the themes in this community is on angst, horror, gore, or just generally dark undertones. Since the name of the community is 30screams, you must include a scream in each fic. It can be a literal scream, or a metaphorical scream (for example, saying that your character's body was screaming or their mind was screaming). Be creative in how you incorporate a scream into each piece!

Be sure to check the Memories to read the fics that have already been written, organized by fandom for your convenience. :D


1.) Please keep all fanfics related to angst, horror, gore, or some other dark theme. That's what this community is about, after all.

2.) You can claim up to three characters and/or pairings at a time (please try not to be a fandom hog though), but you MUST be working on all three claims simultaneously. If you want to complete one claim then move on to another, you must claim the second one only after finishing the first.

3.) You can claim a single character, a pairing (yaoi, yuri, and het are equally accepted), or a 'threesome'. But be aware that claiming a threesome does not mean others can't claim pairings included in that threesome (for example, you can claim L/Misa/Raito from Death Note, but others can still claim L/Misa, L/Raito, or Raito/Misa).

4.) Please do not try to claim something that has already been claimed. Each subject will be given out on a first-come first-serve basis. Subjects that have already been claimed can be claimed again by someone else AFTER all thirty fics have been completed. So if the subject you want is taken, check back later to see if it's available again.

5.) You can post your fanfics one at a time, or many together. That's completely up to you. You are encouraged to write the fanfics in order of the themes, but is not required. For example, if a theme later down on the list really strikes you with inspiration, feel free to go ahead and write it then post it. But don't purposely try to do them out of order.

6.) Each fanfic must be at least 500 words in length. There is no maximum length, so make them as long as you want. They can also be of any rating (G to NC-17). Just please provide warnings of adult content. Place all fics behind a cut, or post a link to them if you have uploaded them somewhere else. Feel free to post them on fanfiction.net as well.

7.) If you claim a pairing or a threesome, all characters claimed must appear in each fanfic. You can focus on one character at a time if you wish, but all characters in the pairing/threesome must at least be involved somehow. If you claim a single character, you are of course free to include other characters in the fanfics, but always keep the focus of the fic on the character you claimed.

8.) This is a fairly low-pressure community. Once you make a claim, you will be expected to post your first fanfic within a month. After that, the pace is up to you. But please note that if you take a ridiculous amount of time between fanfics (like, over six months), you risk your claim being given to someone else (though you are still encouraged to finish your own). Your claim will never be "taken away from you", but as I said, if you take way too much time, if someone else asks for the claim, I might give it to them as well.


  • Please specify your subject name and theme somewhere in your fic description.
  • All fics should be put under an lj-cut.


Here are the thirty themes or "prompts". I've tried to leave them fairly vague and open to interpretation. You can take the themes literally or metaphorically. Most of these themes are rooted in horror conventions, though your fics do not have to actually be horror stories. Remember, it can be angsty or just plain dark. Try to be as creative as possible! You can use the theme as the setting, the entire basis for the fic, or just make mention of it somewhere in the story.

Each theme has TWO choices. They are separated by the | symbol. So for each theme, choose the one you'd like to use. If you'd like to write two fanfics for each theme (using both prompts), go right ahead. But it is only required that you write one per theme. To repeat, for each fanfic, please choose ONE of the prompts, out of the two choices. You do NOT have to use both.

Theme #1: A Bloody Knife | Echo
Theme #2: Trapped | In an Elevator
Theme #3: Cemetery | Gone Wrong
Theme #4: Rainy Night | Protection
Theme #5: Haunted | Changes
Theme #6: Broken Mirror | Midnight
Theme #7: A Confession | Cursed
Theme #8: Carnival | Stolen
Theme #9: The Shower | Cruelty
Theme #10: Nightmares | All a Game
Theme #11: Followed | Time's Up
Theme #12: Sunset | Coat of Arms
Theme #13: Pricked | Shots
Theme #14: Broken Heart | Diseased
Theme #15: Revenge | Awakening
Theme #16: The Flood | "Go Back to Sleep"
Theme #17: Rage | Pendant
Theme #18: Under the Moon | Music Box
Theme #19: The Mask | Cavern
Theme #20: Chains | Stranded
Theme #21: Whispers | Hopeless
Theme #22: Something Shattered | Commotion
Theme #23: Nightly Creatures | Loyalty
Theme #24: Shadows | Mist
Theme #25: In the Woods | Tablets
Theme #26: Crime | Vulgarity
Theme #27: Singing | The Hermit
Theme #28: Wounds | The Emperor
Theme #29: Shame | Wheel of Fortune
Theme #30: Death | Roll Credits

For the record, the first choice on each theme comes from archica and the second choice on each theme comes from likeatruck, who are your two friendly mods. :D


Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Andrew by rushikayu13

Ren/Rai by youko_astarael

Doctor Who:
The Ninth Doctor by shadowesque13

Ergo Proxy:
Vincent/Real by likeatruck

Final Fantasy VII:
Cloud/Yuffie by archica
Vincent Valentine by darknitedestiny
Reno by fantasie_dminor
Cloud Strife by bofoddity
Reeve Tuesti/Marlene Wallace by makrothumia
Rude by butterflys_fics
Hojo by seasonedpumpkin
Tifa/Hellmasker by darknitedestiny
Cid/Vincent by babel

Final Fantasy X:
Wakka/Lulu by parcus

Final Fantasy XII:
Balthier/Penelo by archica
Balthier/Fran by parcus

Harry Potter:
Bellatrix Lestrange/Hermione Granger by aaronlisa

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni:
Sonozaki Shion by sevetenks

Kingdom Hearts:
Sora by seshennu
Leon/Cloud by alyssame

Jareth/Sarah by makrothumia

Resident Evil (Games):
Claire Redfield/Albert Wesker by malignantera

Resident Evil (Movies):
Alice by khaleesi

Cho Hakkai by corellianrogue

JD by purplesyringes

Silent Hill:
Walter/Eileen by militarypenguin
James Sunderland by rosehiptea
Angela Orosco by ashira
Maria by fishchick
Alessa Gillespie bythe_disillusion

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
Elim Garak by babel

Wild Adapter:
Kubota/Tokitou by krillia

Seto Kaiba/Shizuka by malignantera
Seto/Mai by fortuna
Bakura by snarechan
Bakura/Yami by demishock
Bakura Ryou/Malik Ishtar by vilify

Yuugiou GX:
Manjyome/Asuka by fortuna



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